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Are Pilonidal Cysts Related to Spina Bifida?

Pilonidal Cysts

You’ve been diagnosed with a pilonidal cyst. Is that a sign that you might have spina bifida? It’s true that there are sometimes pilonidals cyst related to spina bifida. However, in most cases, it’s unlikely that your pilonidal disease is pointing to an undiscovered spinal defect. If you’re ready to learn more, take a look at the […]

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Is a Pilonidal Cyst MRSA?

Pilonidal Cyst

You’ve noticed a sore spot in your buttocks area. You’re not sure what it is, but after a quick online search, both pilonidal cysts and MRSA infections have emerged as possibilities. At this point, you may be wondering, “Is a pilonidal cyst MRSA?” No, pilonidal cysts aren’t MRSA, but the conditions can present together. The following […]

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