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Proctoscopy vs Anoscopy: What’s Involved in These 2 Different Procedures

Proctoscopy vs Anoscopy

Since you have been having some issues with your lower GI tract, your doctor recommended you to a gastroenterologist who suggested a proctoscopy. When you got a second opinion, another gastroenterologist recommended an anoscopy. What are these procedures, and what is the difference between them?Proctoscopy During a proctoscopy, the doctor uses a proctoscope to examine […]

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Are Pilonidal Cysts Recurrent?

Pilonidal Cysts

You’ve had an infected pilonidal cyst once, and once is enough, right? Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. If you’re wondering, “Are pilonidal cysts recurrent?” it’s time to check out the following guide to repeat pilonidal infections. Not only will you learn more about why recurrences might happen, but you can also learn what you can […]

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