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The Adler Ligator: Why Adler MicroMed?

Are you ready to experience life without hemorrhoids? With the Adler Ligator from Adler MicroMed, your hemorrhoids can become a thing of the past. Minimally invasive hemorrhoids removal with an Adler Ligator can help you take back your life.

The Clear Choice

Home remedies do not always resolve a hemorrhoid problem. When at-home treatment fails, some doctors may recommend hemorrhoidectomy, a surgical procedure in which the hemorrhoids are cut away from your body. Hemorrhoidectomy is a major surgery, and it requires an intense recovery period.

There is an alternative treatment for most moderate hemorrhoid problems. The Adler Ligator banding procedure offers, in most cases, permanent hemorrhoid removal — no major surgery required.

In this procedure, a small band is placed around the hemorrhoid to interrupt blood flow to the affected tissue. In most cases within a few days, the hemorrhoid will shrivel up, fall off and be out of your life forever.

Because Adler Ligators are considered minimally invasive:

  • Hemorrhoids ligation is an outpatient procedure that takes just minutes.
  • Most patients experience only mild discomfort afterward.
  • The recovery period is short.
  • Treating hemorrhoids one at a time is possible.

Some studies have demonstrated a rubber band ligation success rate of around 97 percent. Asking your doctor about the Adler Ligator may be the first step to knocking hemorrhoids out of your life for good.

The Adler Advantage

The Adler Ligator from Adler MicroMed is disposable instrument that is designed for one-time use. You can rest assured that you are the only patient who will use your ligator.

Single-use instruments are ideal for rubber-band ligation because:

  • They reduce the spread of infections.
  • They are always in brand new condition, and never worn out.
  • They require no sterilization, so your medical team can focus on more important tasks.

What makes the Adler Ligator the best choice for your hemorrhoid treatment? The device is small and easily maneuverable, so your doctor can address your hemorrhoid without  unnecessary prodding or jostling. In fact, the ligator's smooth plastic construction assures maximum comfort throughout the procedure.

Hemorrhoid treatment with the Adler Ligator is quick, safe and effective. It takes only a few minutes for your doctor to apply a ligator band, and you will be able to resume normal activities within a short time. After about a week, the withered tissue should fall off, never to bother you again.

If you are ready to take control of your hemorrhoids, contact your doctor about hemorrhoids removal with the Adler Ligator from Adler MicroMed.