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SapiMed Hemorrhoid Banding Ligator

The LEM Disposable Haemorrhoid Banding Ligator is a unique, patented design made from a light, tough polymer. It is a single-patient product available in two variants: for use with either suction or grasping forceps. Both variants are supplied with a stepped cylindrical cone (Ø 10mm) for easy band loading, or with a smooth cone and a ring-loader.

The 20-degree angled tip of the LEM ensures optimal visual clarity and the ergonomically designed trigger enables smooth and accurate banding procedures. A length of flexible suction tubing connects the LEM to a low-pressure suction aspirator.

The haemorrhoid is retracted into the LEM’s barrel-end and then banded by the operator using the trigger-action. Throughout the procedure, the suction may be manually thumb-controlled by the operator. If the forceps variant is chosen, suction is replaced by the insertion of grasping forceps through a cutaway section in the barrel so that the haemorrhoid may be retracted manual- ly prior to being banded. The LEM is designed for use with the Sapi Med Self Light operative proctoscopes.


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Disposable Hemorrhoid Ligator for use with suction, complete with ring loader.


Disposable Hemorrhoid Ligator for use with suction, complete with ring loader and 3 ligator bands.


Disposable Hemorrhoid Ligator, complete with ring loader. Used with forceps.


Disposable Hemorrhoid Ligator with self suction, complete with ring loader.

F5600 & F5601:

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