Colorectal Care Blog: Anal Fistula Treatment & Hemorrhoids Removal

When Should I See a Colorectal Surgeon?

“When should I see a colorectal surgeon?” If something’s not right with your digestive tract, that question may be heavy on your mind. As a general rule, bleeding, pain and changes in your bowel habits warrant a trip to the doctor. Which doctor should you see, though?Ahead, you’ll learn more about what a colorectal surgeon […]

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Why Can’t You Band External Hemorrhoids?

Why can’t you band external hemorrhoids? Rubber band ligation is an effective treatment for internal hemorrhoids, so it’s common for patients to hope it will help with external hemorrhoids too. Unfortunately, that’s not the way it works.The more you learn about external hemorrhoids and the ways they differ from internal ones, the better you’ll understand […]

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How Much Does Hemorrhoid Banding Cost?

Hemorrhoids can make life miserable, but treatment isn’t always cheap. For the sake of saving money, you might try to ignore the problem and hope it goes away on its own. Unfortunately, that’s not always the best plan.It makes more sense to address your hemorrhoids using an approach that’s both effective and affordable. Hemorrhoid banding […]

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A Comprehensive Guide to Internal vs External Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids aren’t all the same. The two main categories are internal and external hemorrhoids.They’re classified based on their location, but that’s not all that distinguishes them. Internal and external hemorrhoids may exhibit different symptoms, and they require different treatment approaches.To help you learn more about the similarities and differences — and how they may affect […]

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Hemorrhoid Banding CPT Code: A Quick Guide

If you’re planning to add hemorrhoid banding as a service offered by your medical facility, then you’re going to need to learn the appropriate codes related to this procedure. Knowing the correct Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes can reduce confusion and streamline your office’s billing practices.To get started, review the following hemorrhoid banding CPT code […]

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