Buy neoLaser Fibers: CORONA Hemorrhoid & Fistula Probes

neoLaser Fibers

The neoV1470 with the special CORONA Fistula Probe is a unique product optimized for fistula-in-ano treatments. The fiber provides circular emission through a thin fused glass tip, facilitating closure and minimal collateral damage beyond the fistula wall.

The procedures offer a safe and effective treatment, saving the sphincter muscle, and without any risk of long term incontinence.

.The neoV1470 with the CORONA Hemorrhoid Probe is a unique product optimized for grade 2-4 hemorrhoid treatments. The fiber has a custom designed conical glass tip facilitating easy puncture and entry into the hemorrhoidal pile.

Emission is both frontal and side firing, wide and radially uniform, allowing efficient obliteration of feeding vessels. The fiber is equipped with a adaptor enabling connection to a specialty cannula for easy handling and application.

These specially designed fibers are ideal for Laser Coagulation of Hemorrhoid and Laser Ablation of Anal Fistula Tracts and Pilonidal Sinus.

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