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"The Beak" Proctoscopes from SapiMed

The proctoscopes “The Beak” are instruments with a uniquely innovative design feature. The closed, rounded tip allows for introduction of the scope di- rectly into the anus, needing no separate introducer.

The proctoscopes “The Beak” offer the specialist the opportunity of clearly and satisfactorily exposing a portion (one fourth of the circumference) of the anal canal and rectal ampulla.


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REF A.4083:

SapiMed's "The Beak" Proctoscope - REF A.4083

The Beak is a surgical silk-screened proctoscope with a full-length open channel through which anorectal procedures may be performed.Latex free. Disposable & sterile.

REF A.4084NS:

SapiMed's "The Beak" Proctoscope - REF A.4084NS

The Beak Diagnostic is a silk-screened proctoscope with a full-length open channel.

It is ideal instrument for visiting outpatient diagnostic. Latex free. Disposable

REF A.4519 and A.4522:

SapiMed's "The Beak" Proctoscopes - REF A.4519 and A.4522

Multi-Purpose Rectoscope (MPR Short). Below the lens lies a membrane, with a cross marking a weakened point. This makes the handling of forceps for mucosa biopsy easier, whilst keeping the rectum walls stretched. Rectoscopes diameter and length have been designed to allow the insertion of a suitable probe for en-dorectal ecography for an accurate diagnosis of the rectal ampulla.

Only for REF A.4522: the two small fins found on the right of polymer grip are designed to anchor the tap to the rectoscope probe and allow the two devices rotate together. The “slated” silk-screen allows adjustment of the probe during introduction into the rectum.