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Anal dilations, as well as internal and sphincterotomy and anal stretching, are proposed methods for the treatment of anal fissures and hemorrhoids. Both of these conditions recognize varying degrees of anal canal hypertonus as the cause and/or effect of the symptomatology.

Even without surgically eliminating the anal fissure or reducing the mass of hemorrhoidal tissue, these methods are able to significantly alleviate discomfort; therefore they must be carefully considered when dealing with symptomatic treatment of these afflictions.

The internal anal sphincter may undergo spastic contraction due to various pathological conditions such as constipation with small and hard stools, chronic laxative consumption, infections, hemorrhoidal congestion, dysentery, proctitis, colitis, anal fissure and sympathetic hypertonus. If this spasm persists the anus becomes incapable of relaxation, thereby impeding eva­cuation of the faeces as well as aggravating the underlying disorder.

If the spasm allows the passage of a dilator, each successive dilatation will be less painful and will allow healing of the lesion by scar tissue formation. The elasticity and distensibility of the anal canal will be regained with either the disappearance of or the improvement of symptoms. In this manner surgery may be avoided.

The anal dilator DILATAN® was studied and developed speci­fically for this type of ailment. Externally it has a cylindrical shape, which becomes conical towards one end. The surface of the dilator is perfectly smooth.

The internal compartment is herme­tically sealed and contains a jelly which, depending upon the treatment required, is able to retain hot or cold.It is known that certain anal pathologies improve after undergoing cold treatment (cryotherapy for hemorrhage and oedema) or hot treatment (thermotherapy for muscle spasm and pain due to various factors). The thermal effect adds to the mechanical one (i.e. the exercising of the sphincter muscles during dilatation).

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