Dilatan Anal Dilator Uses, Proper Application & FAQ

Dilatan Anal Dilator Uses, Proper Application & FAQ

Anal Dilator Uses Application FAQ

Some colorectal disorders can cause the anal opening to tighten or close, or they may be aggravated by the pressure of a tight rectum. Dilation can help to hold the anus open.

Because there are a number of anal dilator uses, your doctor might recommend Dilatan dilators if you've been experiencing colorectal troubles. The following guide can help you to develop a better understanding of anal dilation.

Anal Dilator Uses

Anal dilation can be used in patients with a variety of medical concerns. The goal is to hold open or widen the anal opening.

Although dilation is not a treatment in and of itself, opening the anus may be a useful complement to other treatments. The technique is often used in postoperative situations in an attempt to lessen discomfort and promote proper healing.

There are a variety of colorectal conditions for which holding open the anus could be recommended. These may include:

  • Hemorrhoids: Swollen veins that may protrude from the anal opening
  • Anal fissures: Tiny tears in the anal lining
  • Anal fistulas: Small channels between the bowel and the anus
  • Hypertonia: Excessive tightness in the anal muscles
  • Proctalgia: Sudden and extreme pain caused by hemorrhoids or other conditions
  • Anal stenosis: Narrowing of the anal passage as a result of scar tissue or other concerns

To learn more about stenosis, watch the following video:

Although primarily used for anal dilation, dilators can be used for other gastroenterological purposes as well. For example, a dilator can be used to help keep an opening for a percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) or a colostomy tube from closing.

Advantages of Dilatan

This product can be used warm, cold or at room temperature. Inside the sealed plastic of the dilator is a unique jelly material that maintains the consistent temperature of the product during use.

Warm application, known as thermotherapy, can help to relax tight muscles and ease stenosis. Cold therapy, also called cryotherapy, is better for any situation that involves bleeding.

The smooth dilator is configured for easy insertion. There are no rough or sharp pieces to cause pain. The dilator is most narrow at the tip and widens farther down the base to stretch the anal opening during the insertion process.

This product is available in five sizes. The 18- and 20-millimeter dilators come together in one package. The 23- and 27-millimeter sizes come as a set as well. The 30-millimeter dilator is sold individually; this one is recommended for people who are experiencing anal spasms.

How to Use Dilatan Dilators

Here are the key guidelines for safely and effectively using this dilator for anal applications:

  • For thermotherapy, soak the dilator in a bowl of water at 122 degrees Fahrenheit for about 15 minutes. For cryotherapy, leave it in ice water for the same amount of time.
  • Use vegetable-based lubricant to coat the dilator before insertion. While sitting or lying down, slide it in place as far as the base.
  • Leave the dilator in place for a couple of minutes. Then, carefully remove it.
  • Wash thoroughly before storage.
  • For most applications, anal dilators should be used once or twice a day. Consult your doctor for specific scheduling.

Dilatan Anal Dilator FAQs

Does the lower bowel need to be empty before beginning dilation?

No, Dilatan can be used whether the bowel is full or empty.

Can this product be used on children?

Yes, the smaller sizes of dilators are acceptable for use with children.

Does dilation hurt?

Inserting anal dilators can be painful at first, especially if there is significant hypertension. However, as dilator eases muscle tension, each successive treatment will be slightly less painful for the patient.

Can dilators be used for self-treatment?

Although you may be able to perform dilation at home, a dilation routine should be directed by a physician.

Are there complications that can come from using an anal dilator?

One study on anal dilation followed up with 162 patients who practiced the procedure. All participants were dealing with either hemorrhoids, fissures or a combination of the two conditions before beginning dilation.

A small percentage of the people experienced some short-term side effects – most notably, bleeding and incontinence of flatus or feces. However, they all found that their issues cleared up in time.

71 percent of patients affirmed that they would be agreeable to future treatment with anal dilators.

How can insertion be eased?

Soaking in a sitz bath is helpful for relaxing the muscles before insertion. Lubrication with dilator cream can also aid the process.

Can this product be reused?

Yes, but patients should not share dilators. As long as use is limited to one patient, the product can be washed and stored for repeated use. Clean with soap and warm water and store the dilator in its original box.

Your doctor might recommend anal dilation as an important component of your colorectal care. Dilatan dilators are a good option because they can be used hot or cold, and their shape allows for smooth insertion. Available in five sizes, these anal dilators may become a part of your daily wellness routine.

As with all medical issues, your physician is the ultimate source as to what procedure best fits your needs. Discuss all options and get a second opinion if you have any doubts. These articles are intended to be a source of general information only.

Brian Chandler

Brian Chandler