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When Should I See a Colorectal Surgeon?

“When should I see a colorectal surgeon?” If something’s not right with your digestive tract, that question may be heavy on your mind. As a general rule, bleeding, pain and changes in your bowel habits warrant a trip to the doctor. Which doctor should you see, though?Ahead, you’ll learn more about what a colorectal surgeon […]

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Sigmoidoscopy vs Colonoscopy: What’s the Difference?

Doctors use a variety of endoscopy procedures to examine the colorectal system. Two of the most common types of endoscopy are sigmoidoscopy and colonoscopy. As you’ll see in this sigmoidoscopy vs colonoscopy guide, each of these procedures plays an important role in the fight against colon cancer and other diseases.SigmoidoscopyWhat It ExaminesDuring a sigmoidoscopy procedure, your […]

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A Complete Guide to the Sigmoidoscopy Procedure

You’ve probably heard a lot about colonoscopies, but sigmoidoscopies don’t seem to receive as much attention. As a result, you might be surprised if your doctor suggests this procedure.Once you start to explore the sigmoidoscopy procedure, though, you’ll learn that it’s a relatively simple process. Knowing what to expect can build your confidence as you […]

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Proctoscopy vs Colonoscopy: The Difference Between These Common Procedures

Proctoscopy vs Colonoscopy

Proctoscopy and colonoscopy might sound fairly similar, but these two procedures are quite different. While a proctoscope is useful for examining your anal canal and rectum, a colonoscope allows doctors to view the length of your large intestine. Read on to discover more about proctoscopy vs colonoscopy, including the instruments, methods and purposes for these procedures.About […]

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The Colorectal Surgeon’s Guide to the Different Types of Proctoscopes

When you perform a rectal procedure, you want to make the process as quick and painless as possible, right? The trick is to use the best instrument for the job. When you’re familiar with the various types of proctoscopes, you can select the right one for each procedure.What Is a Proctoscope?Colorectal specialists often need to […]

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