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Laser Ablation for Anal Fistulas: A Minimally Invasive and Effective Treatment

Anal fistulas, an unfortunate condition causing significant discomfort and distress to patients, have traditionally been treated with invasive surgical procedures that require extensive recovery periods.However, emerging medical technologies, particularly laser ablation for anal fistulas, present a viable alternative offering a minimally invasive approach with faster recovery times.Understanding Laser AblationPrinciples of Laser AblationLaser ablation operates on […]

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Using neoLaser for Anal Fistula Treatment

Anal Fistula

After an anal gland becomes infected, an anal fistula can develop. These unnatural tunnels typically run between the rectal wall of the colon to the outer layer of skin around the anus. They often cause significant discomfort for affected patients. There are a number of traditional treatments for anal fistulas. Depending on the location, size […]

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