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Hemorrhoid Burning: Causes & What You Should Do

Hemorrhoids bleed, hemorrhoids itch, and hemorrhoids can even burn. What a miserable experience!If you’re dealing with the sting of hemorrhoids, you’re probably anxious to find relief. The first step is learning why hemorrhoid burning happens. After that, you can make a plan for tackling this obnoxious problem and getting your bottom back to normal.Why Do […]

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A Comprehensive Guide to Internal vs External Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids aren’t all the same. The two main categories are internal and external hemorrhoids.They’re classified based on their location, but that’s not all that distinguishes them. Internal and external hemorrhoids may exhibit different symptoms, and they require different treatment approaches.To help you learn more about the similarities and differences — and how they may affect […]

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Why You Should Use Disposable Hemorrhoid Ligators in Your Practice

As a colorectal care provider, you have a choice in hemorrhoid banding ligators. You could opt for reusable metal instruments or disposable hemorrhoid ligators.The best banding products on the market today are disposable plastic units. With one-time-use ligators, you can count on reliability, sterility, comfort and ease of use. Disposable hemorrhoid banding tools can be […]

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