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Reduce Hemorrhoid Banding Surgery Costs Without Sacrificing Outcomes

Is your medical practice’s budget feeling the heat lately? Times are tough economically. Nearly every sector has been affected. Perhaps you’re getting concerned about how you can continue providing the best hemorrhoid procedures for your patients.Now is the time to learn how to reduce hemorrhoid banding surgery costs. By sourcing a more affordable hemorrhoid ligator, […]

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Hemorrhoid Burning: Causes & What You Should Do

Hemorrhoids bleed, hemorrhoids itch, and hemorrhoids can even burn. What a miserable experience!If you’re dealing with the sting of hemorrhoids, you’re probably anxious to find relief. The first step is learning why hemorrhoid burning happens. After that, you can make a plan for tackling this obnoxious problem and getting your bottom back to normal.Why Do […]

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Is Hemorrhoid Banding Painful? Here’s What You Should Know

If your doctor has suggested a hemorrhoid ligation procedure, there’s probably one key question on your mind: “Is hemorrhoid banding painful?”Medical procedures and painful recoveries seem to go hand in hand, so it’s understandable that you’d ask that question. Fortunately, though, you might be pleasantly surprised by the answer this time.Once you learn how hemorrhoid […]

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When Should I See a Colorectal Surgeon?

“When should I see a colorectal surgeon?” If something’s not right with your digestive tract, that question may be heavy on your mind. As a general rule, bleeding, pain and changes in your bowel habits warrant a trip to the doctor. Which doctor should you see, though?Ahead, you’ll learn more about what a colorectal surgeon […]

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Why Can’t You Band External Hemorrhoids?

Why can’t you band external hemorrhoids? Rubber band ligation is an effective treatment for internal hemorrhoids, so it’s common for patients to hope it will help with external hemorrhoids too. Unfortunately, that’s not the way it works.The more you learn about external hemorrhoids and the ways they differ from internal ones, the better you’ll understand […]

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