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Hemorrhoid Banding vs Laser Removal: The Case for Each Procedure

Hemorrhoids can be miserable, so effective treatment is essential. Patients benefit when their hemorrhoids are quickly and thoroughly resolved. With that in mind, is it better to band hemorrhoids or treat them with lasers?Each approach to hemorrhoid treatment has its advantages, so it’s worth carefully weighing the options. Understanding more about hemorrhoid banding vs laser […]

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New Hemorrhoid Removal Procedures That Every Doctor & Patient Should Know

If you think that major surgery is the only way to remove a hemorrhoid, think again. While some patients still benefit from full hemorrhoidectomies, that’s not the only option on the table for most people.Today, an array of new hemorrhoid removal procedures are available to doctors and patients. New approaches provide opportunities to treat hemorrhoids […]

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New Hemorrhoid Treatments: The Most Up-To-Date Treatments

There was a time when people with hemorrhoids simply had to suffer in misery. Fortunately, times have changed significantly.These days, physicians have a variety of tools at their disposal to help patients find hemorrhoid relief. That includes an assortment of advanced options that have been introduced in recent years, including minimally invasive options.That’s a welcome […]

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Foods to Avoid for Hemorrhoids: Does Diet Matter?

Whether you’re currently plagued with hemorrhoids or simply looking to avoid them, you may have questions about your diet. First, are there foods to avoid for hemorrhoids? Also, are there things you should eat instead?Diet can make a big difference in your fight against hemorrhoids. By learning which foods to avoid and which to enjoy, […]

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Hemorrhoids and Pregnancy: Are They Related?

Pregnancy is hard enough as it is. Add in hemorrhoids, and you may find yourself downright miserable.Why do hemorrhoids so often crop up during pregnancy? Do the two conditions naturally go together, or is it just bad luck?It’s not that you’re unlucky. Rather, there’s a clear link between hemorrhoids and pregnancy. Fortunately, the more you […]

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Constipation and Hemorrhoids: Are They Related?

Your bathroom habits have been out of whack lately, and now you’ve developed hemorrhoids. Is there a connection between constipation and hemorrhoids, or is it just a coincidence?Most experts will tell you that constipation is a top cause of hemorrhoids. By learning more, you may be able to clear up your current problem and prevent […]

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Reduce Hemorrhoid Banding Surgery Costs Without Sacrificing Outcomes

Is your medical practice’s budget feeling the heat lately? Times are tough economically. Nearly every sector has been affected. Perhaps you’re getting concerned about how you can continue providing the best hemorrhoid procedures for your patients.Now is the time to learn how to reduce hemorrhoid banding surgery costs. By sourcing a more affordable hemorrhoid ligator, […]

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Hemorrhoid Burning: Causes & What You Should Do

Hemorrhoids bleed, hemorrhoids itch, and hemorrhoids can even burn. What a miserable experience!If you’re dealing with the sting of hemorrhoids, you’re probably anxious to find relief. The first step is learning why hemorrhoid burning happens. After that, you can make a plan for tackling this obnoxious problem and getting your bottom back to normal.Why Do […]

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