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Laser Hemorrhoids Treatment Recovery: Here’s What to Expect

Laser Hemorrhoids Treatment Recovery

Hemorrhoids are uncomfortable and even painful, but you might be putting off treatment for fear of the recovery process. It’s true that every hemorrhoid procedure requires recovery time, but some procedures are more troublesome than others. Some treatment options involve shrinking or removing the hemorrhoidal tissue with a laser. These procedures can be advantageous because they […]

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Is Laser Ablation of Hemorrhoids the Best Treatment for Stage 2 & 3 Hemorrhoids?

Laser Ablation of Hemorrhoids

When hemorrhoids are plaguing you, clearing them up is a top priority. It’s important that you find a treatment option that is thorough and effective so that you can rid yourself of this uncomfortable, unpleasant problem. Laser procedures are sometimes used for the treatment of mid-grade hemorrhoids. Your doctor might recommend a laser treatment for you, […]

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Are Pilonidal Cysts Cancerous?

Pilonidal Cysts

When you or someone close to you is diagnosed with pilonidal disease, you might be concerned about the prognosis for this condition. You might even wonder, “Are pilonidal cysts cancerous?”  Fortunately, although they are unpleasant, pilonidal cysts rarely pose an extreme danger. In a very few cases, the site can develop cancerous growths, but the […]

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