Colorectal Care Blog: Anal Fistula Treatment & Hemorrhoids Removal

Using neoLaser for Anal Fistula Treatment

Anal Fistula

After an anal gland becomes infected, an anal fistula can develop. These unnatural tunnels typically run between the rectal wall of the colon to the outer layer of skin around the anus. They often cause significant discomfort for affected patients. There are a number of traditional treatments for anal fistulas. Depending on the location, size […]

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Sigmoidoscopy vs Colonoscopy: What’s the Difference?

Doctors use a variety of endoscopy procedures to examine the colorectal system. Two of the most common types of endoscopy are sigmoidoscopy and colonoscopy. As you’ll see in this sigmoidoscopy vs colonoscopy guide, each of these procedures plays an important role in the fight against colon cancer and other diseases.SigmoidoscopyWhat It ExaminesDuring a sigmoidoscopy procedure, your […]

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A Complete Guide to the Sigmoidoscopy Procedure

You’ve probably heard a lot about colonoscopies, but sigmoidoscopies don’t seem to receive as much attention. As a result, you might be surprised if your doctor suggests this procedure.Once you start to explore the sigmoidoscopy procedure, though, you’ll learn that it’s a relatively simple process. Knowing what to expect can build your confidence as you […]

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How to Clean a Pilonidal Cyst

Pilonidal Cyst

When your backside is painful and inflamed, the last thing you might want to do is wash and dry it. You might worry that scrubbing around the spot will cause more pain or aggravate your condition.Despite these fears, proper cleaning is an essential component of pilonidal care. Learning how to clean a pilonidal cyst will […]

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How to Sleep After Pilonidal Cyst Surgery

Pilonidal Cyst Surgery

Getting good sleep after a surgical procedure can be challenging, especially when the wound is on your backside. In one study, nearly half of patients with a pilonidal sinus wound reported that there were at least six nights in which they struggled to sleep well. That statistic may leave you feeling concerned about whether pilonidal […]

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