Colorectal Care Blog: Anal Fistula Treatment & Hemorrhoids Removal

Proctology Instruments Cheat Sheet: A Guide to the Different Types of Rectal Instruments & Supplies

Colorectal medical care focuses on one particular region of the body. Does that indicate that this field is simple or boring? By no means! Rather, colorectal healthcare requires familiarity with a large number of conditions, procedures and treatment options.Colorectal surgeons must also use an extensive lineup of tools. The sheer number of rectal instruments can […]

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All About Anoscopes: Different Types of Anoscopes, Their Applications and Benefits

Both patients and new medical students can easily be scared at the thought of an anal examination. An anoscope, however, is a tool that makes this process generally quick and painless. I’ve put together this guide to anoscopy and the tool that makes it possible–the anoscope–to help ease your comfort with this procedure.Anoscope BasicsAn anoscope […]

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