Laser Hemorrhoidectomy: A Minimally Invasive and Effective Alternative to Traditional Surgery

Laser Hemorrhoidectomy: A Minimally Invasive and Effective Alternative to Traditional Surgery

Hemorrhoids, a common yet seldom discussed ailment, affect a significant portion of the adult population at some point in their lives.

These swollen veins in the lower rectum and anus can cause discomfort, pain, and even bleeding, significantly impacting an individual's quality of life.

Traditional treatments have ranged from over-the-counter remedies to surgical interventions, with varying degrees of invasiveness and effectiveness.

However, the advent of laser hemorrhoidectomy, particularly with advancements such as the neoLaser technology offered by Adler MicroMed, presents a minimally invasive and highly effective alternative that is changing the landscape of hemorrhoidal treatment.

Understanding Hemorrhoids and Their Impact

What are Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are classified into two types: internal, located inside the rectum, and external, under the skin around the anus. They result from increased pressure in the lower rectum due to straining during bowel movements, obesity, or pregnancy, leading to bulging or swollen veins.

Traditional Hemorrhoid Treatments

Traditionally, treatments have included dietary changes, topical creams, and in more severe cases, surgical procedures such as hemorrhoidectomy.

While these methods can be effective, surgical interventions are often associated with significant postoperative pain and a long recovery period.

The Rise of Laser Hemorrhoidectomy

Laser hemorrhoidectomy has emerged as a groundbreaking alternative, offering a less invasive approach with several advantages over traditional surgery.

This procedure uses laser energy to precisely target and remove hemorrhoidal tissue with minimal damage to the surrounding areas.

Advantages of Laser Treatment

The benefits of laser hemorrhoidectomy are manifold. It significantly reduces patient discomfort during and after the procedure, minimizes bleeding, and lowers the risk of complications such as infection.

Additionally, the recovery time is notably shorter, allowing patients to return to their daily activities much sooner.

How Laser Hemorrhoidectomy Works

The procedure involves the insertion of a laser fiber through a small probe to apply laser energy directly to the hemorrhoidal tissue. This energy effectively ablates the hemorrhoid while sealing off blood vessels, leading to reduced bleeding and promoting faster healing.

neoLaser: Revolutionizing Hemorrhoid Treatment

Overview of neoLaser Technology

Adler MicroMed's neoLaser technology, particularly the neoV Laser, represents a pinnacle of innovation in medical lasers. With its compact design, proprietary cooling technology, and user-friendly color touch screen, the neoV Laser offers unmatched flexibility and ease of use.

neoLaser Advantages

The neoV Laser system, including the neoV1470 and neoV980 models, provides a range of wavelengths suitable for different tissue interactions, from deep coagulation to precise micro-surgical excisions. This versatility, combined with the option for contact and non-contact operation, makes the neoLaser a superior choice for hemorrhoidectomy. Its small size yet powerful output allows for the shift of procedures from the operating room to an office setting, offering a significant value through its design, performance, and support.

neoLaser in Hemorrhoidectomy

The neoV1470 and neoV980 in Action

For hemorrhoid treatment, the neoLaser neoV1470 is particularly effective due to its peak absorption in water, enabling precise cutting with excellent coagulation of soft tissue. This leads to procedures being completed with lower energy dosages, reducing thermal trauma and enhancing healing.

The neoV980 complements this with its almost equal absorption in water and blood, providing safe and effective treatment across a broad range of conditions.

neoLaser Fibers for Hemorrhoid Treatment

The CORONA Hemorrhoid Probe, optimized for grade 2-4 hemorrhoid treatments, is a testament to the specialized capabilities of neoLaser fibers. With its custom-designed conical glass tip and frontal and side firing emission, it ensures efficient obliteration of feeding vessels while minimizing collateral damage.

Advantages for Patients and Surgeons

This approach not only preserves the sphincter muscle, preventing long-term incontinence but also offers a safe and effective treatment with minimal discomfort and downtime for patients. Surgeons benefit from the precision, efficiency, and flexibility of the neoLaser system, enhancing their ability to provide superior care.

Implementing neoLaser in Clinical Practice

Transitioning Procedures to the Office Setting

The compact and powerful design of the neoLaser system facilitates the transition of hemorrhoid treatments from the traditional operating room to the more patient-friendly office setting. This shift is not only more convenient for patients but also reduces healthcare costs and resource utilization.

Training and Support

Adler MicroMed provides comprehensive training and ongoing support for colorectal surgeons adopting the neoLaser technology. This ensures that practitioners can fully leverage the system's capabilities to improve patient outcomes.

Patient Considerations

Selecting the Right Candidates for Laser Hemorrhoidectomy

While laser hemorrhoidectomy offers numerous benefits, it's essential to select the right candidates for the procedure. Generally, patients with grade 2-4 hemorrhoids who have not responded well to non-surgical treatments are ideal candidates.

Post-Procedure Care and Outcomes

After the procedure, patients can expect a relatively comfortable recovery with minimal pain and quick return to normal activities. Long-term outcomes are favorable, with a low rate of recurrence when combined with lifestyle adjustments to prevent future hemorrhoid formation.


Laser hemorrhoidectomy, particularly when utilizing the neoLaser technology from Adler MicroMed, represents a significant advancement in the treatment of hemorrhoids. This minimally invasive approach offers numerous benefits over traditional surgical methods, including reduced pain, faster recovery, and lower risk of complications.

As such, it is an attractive option for both patients and colorectal surgeons seeking effective, patient-friendly hemorrhoid treatment solutions.

Colorectal surgeons interested in enhancing their practice with the latest in laser technology are encouraged to explore the neoLaser solutions offered by Adler MicroMed.

Patients suffering from hemorrhoids should consider discussing laser hemorrhoidectomy with their healthcare provider as a potential treatment option.

With the neoLaser system, the future of hemorrhoid treatment is here, offering less invasive, more effective solutions for those in need.

Contact us if you’re interested in learning more about the neoLaser for hemorrhoidectomy procedures.

Brian Chandler