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Are Pilonidal Cysts Always Visible?

Pilonidal Cysts

Your tailbone area is sore, and you know that something’s not right. However, as far as you can tell, there’s no bump or mass in the area that would account for the pain. Is it possible that you could have a pilonidal cyst, or does this condition always produce an obvious lump near your tailbone area? […]

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A Guide to the Different Protoscope Instrument Uses

Protoscope Instrument

Colorectal doctors use proctoscopes to open the anorectal passage so that they can get a good view of what’s on the inside. It would be easy to assume that proctoscopes are single-purpose tools, but they’re actually versatile instruments that play a role in diagnosis, treatment and follow-up. The following guide to proctoscope instrument uses outlines the […]

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Proctoscopy vs Colonoscopy: The Difference Between These Common Procedures

Proctoscopy vs Colonoscopy

Proctoscopy and colonoscopy might sound fairly similar, but these two procedures are quite different. While a proctoscope is useful for examining your anal canal and rectum, a colonoscope allows doctors to view the length of your large intestine. Read on to discover more about proctoscopy vs colonoscopy, including the instruments, methods and purposes for these procedures.About […]

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Proctoscopy vs Sigmoidoscopy: What You Need to Know About These Common Procedures

Proctoscopy vs Sigmoidoscopy

Sometimes, a doctor needs to check inside your rectum or colon. Two tools for the job are proctoscopes and sigmoidoscopes. Although these two instruments do share some common characteristics, they differ in both structure and purpose. Before your next colorectal procedure, here’s what you need to know about proctoscopy vs sigmoidoscopy.All About ProctoscopyA proctoscope is a long […]

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