An Effective, Cost-Efficient Hemorrhoid Banding Tool

An Effective, Cost-Efficient Hemorrhoid Banding Tool

You need a reliable method for treating patients’ internal hemorrhoids. The Adler Ligator (AL9000) could be the answer. This hemorrhoid banding tool is a safe, effective and affordable product. Designed for one-time use, you can count on the Adler Ligator to be ready to go whenever there’s a hemorrhoid to treat.

How Does the Adler Ligator Work?

The AL9000 is a disposable hemorrhoid ligation tool. With it, doctors can treat one internal hemorrhoid at a time using an effective, minimally invasive method.

To use the ligator, a medical provider loads the device with a small, medical-grade band. Using a proctoscope or a similar tool, the doctor inserts the ligator into the patient’s rectum and locates the hemorrhoid.

While applying gentle suction, the doctor draws the inflamed tissue away from the rectal wall. Then, the ligator’s band is released. It slides around the base of the hemorrhoid, and the ligator and scope are withdrawn from the rectum.

The patient can go home shortly after the procedure, and discomfort during recovery is usually fairly minimal. Over the next few weeks, the rubber band will restrict blood flow to the hemorrhoid. This will cause the tissue to wither. Within about two weeks, it will fall off and leave the body.

Patients with multiple hemorrhoids may need to return to the doctor for follow-up ligation sessions. Post-ligation scar tissue on the rectal wall may help discourage future hemorrhoids from developing in the same locations.

Benefits of the Adler Ligator

There are many hemorrhoid banding tools on the market. What makes the Adler Ligator the right one to use in your practice?


The AL9000 is a one-time-use hemorrhoid ligation tool. Each patient will have the benefit of being treated with a brand-new instrument.

A fresh-from-the-package ligator is sure to be sanitary. While metal tools can be sterilized, there’s always a lingering possibility of infection from residual germs. Thanks to the AL9000’s disposable construction, poor sanitation is never a concern with this product.

Plus, using a fresh tool for each patient frees up your staff’s time. They can focus on more pressing needs instead of sterilizing banding instruments.

Additionally, each patient will be treated with a ligator that’s in tip-top shape. You won’t have to worry about worn-out tools interfering with what should be a smooth, quick procedure.


At first, reusable tools might seem like the more cost-effective choice for your medical practice. Disposable ligators might not be as pricey as you think, though.

Reusable metal ligators require a bigger upfront investment. Even still, they don’t last forever. You’ll eventually find yourself needing to make that investment again — and again and again.

Disposable plastic ligators are a recurring expense, but they cost significantly less per unit. Plus, forgoing the sterilization step after each use can save you money on labor costs.

One-time-use hemorrhoid banding tools come in a range of price points. You can count on the Adler Ligator to be on the low end while still providing the dependable quality that you and your patients need.


Plastic tools like the Adler Ligator often have a clear advantage over metal ones: comfort. Metal ligators can feel cold and bulky. Plastic ligators may be smoother, sleeker and all-around more comfortable for patients.

With the AL9000, your patients will also benefit from Adler MicroMed’s years of experience in the realm of colorectal tools. You can count on Adler’s expertise to provide a product that meets both patients’ and colorectal care providers’ needs.

Rubber Band Ligation Results

Patients appreciate rubber band hemorrhoid treatment because it’s minimally invasive and doesn’t usually require an extensive recovery period. But does this procedure provide long-term results? Yes!

Research has shown ligation success rates of 69% or higher. Some studies have resulted in success rates as high as 97%.

Lasting results have been demonstrated as well. In one study, researchers followed up with patients who had received rubber band ligation for second-degree hemorrhoids. Around 66% of patients had successful results that lasted at least five years. More than half of the patients were still doing well 10 years after the treatment.

Using the Adler Ligator in Your Practice

If you are looking for a reliable method of non-invasive hemorrhoid treatment for your patients, give the Adler Ligator (AL9000) a try. It’s an affordable, comfortable and efficient hemorrhoid banding tool. With the AL9000, you can count on always having a sterile, easy-to-use disposable ligator on hand.

To learn more about using the AL9000 Adler Ligator in your practice, explore our resource library or contact Adler MicroMed.

As with all medical issues, your physician is the ultimate source as to what procedure best fits your needs. Discuss all options and get a second opinion if you have any doubts. These articles are intended to be a source of general information only.

Brian Chandler